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Managing a building in our great city is a tough job

Pump Repair
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We install and repair all kinds of pumps in New York City

What happens when you call us.

We will try to get information on the phone of your immediate need. Our experienced techicians can sometimes help you on the phone free of charge. 

We work and repair all types of NYC pumps, from the lowly corner sump pump up to a 300 HP automatic triplex booster system.


Free Estimates

Free Estimates

Our technicians will visit your NYC site for troubleshooting or a free estimate.

We will not charge a penny you unless we tell you in advance.

Our Specialties

• Mechanical seal conversions
• Rebuild bearings housing
• Oil less bushings
• Automatic external lubrication
• Obsolete replacement parts
• Laser alignment

We Custom Fabricate

• Shafts
• Sleeves
• Packing Glands
• Wear Rings
 Eye bolts 
• Automatic Lubrication Systems


Vertical Sump Pump

The most common NYC pumps we work on include:

• House Pumps
• HVAC Pumps
• Heat Circulators
• Water Tower Pumps
• Cooling Towers
• Vacuum Pumps
• Sewage Ejectors
• Condenser Water
• Air Compressors
• Condensate Returns
• Fire Sprinklers
• Heat Pumps
• Domestic Hot Water Circulators
• Pressure Booster Systems
• Boiler Feed Pumps
• Air Conditioning Pumps
• Jockey Pumps
• Horizontal Split Case Pumps
• Constant Pressure Systems
• Multi Stage Pumps
• Domestic Hot Water Circulators



Condensate Pump

Brands used in NYC that we repair and service Include

• Allied™
• Aurora™
• Armstrong™
• Bell & Gossett™
• Burks™
• AquaBoost™
• Blue Angel™
• Dayton™
• Dunham-Bush™
• Chicago™
• Deming™
• Federal™
• G&L™
• Ingersoll-Rand™
• Flygt™
• Grundfos™
• Hoffman™
• Liberty™
• Nash-Jennings™
• ITT™
• Little Giant™
• Paco™
• Ketcham™
• Myers™
• Shipco™
• SyncroFlo™
• Thrush™
• Weil™
• Taco™
• Viking™
• Weinman™
• Teel™
• Wayne™  Worthington™
• Zoeller™


On-Site Installations

We re-install all equipment we work with, leaving your area clean and your equipment in perfect working order. All newly installed equipment is tested under load.

Contact us at (212) 691-1222 in New York, New York, for great deals on replacement parts for sump pumps.